Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: What qualifications do I need to apply for a Navy CYP career?

A: You will need to meet certain educational, professional and physical requirements to qualify for a Navy CYP career. The requirements vary depending on the position and are available in the job posting. Entry-level positions require no experience or formal education, but an age requirement (18 years or older) may apply.

 Q: What kind of training is involved in a Navy CYP career?

A: Once you have been accepted, you will receive orientation training and standardized training for your specific position. You may also participate in webinars or on-the-job training activities.

 Q: Does Navy CYP pay for professional credentials?

A: Navy CYP pays for the initial and renewal Child Development Associate (CDA) and Military School Age (MSA) credentials for direct childcare employees who are eligible candidates with the Council for Professional Recognition.

 Q: What benefits come with a Navy CYP career?

A: Navy CYP offers various benefits including health insurance, educational benefits, perks such as discounted tickets, and more. Additionally, you may be eligible for special bonuses or other financial incentives.

 Q: What is the new hire incentive program?

A: The incentive program is a financial benefit for new CYP non-appropriated fund (NAF) employees. It consists of a $500 sign-on bonus, up to $1,750 in additional incentives, and up to 24 hours in time-off awards.

 Q: Does Navy CYP offer any assistance with relocation costs?

A: Navy CYP offers relocation assistance for some positions, which is outlined in the job posting. Relocation expense reimbursement does not apply to all positions. For example, you might see “Relocation bonus of $5,000 for 50+ mile radius” or similar language in the job posting.

 Q: What is the salary range of a Navy CYP career?

A: The salary can vary depending on the position and your experience level.

 Q: How do I qualify for the new hire incentive program?

A: All new hire employees in administrative support, custodial, direct child care, and facilities maintenance positions are eligible for new hire incentives.

 Q: How long do I have to work before I can receive the incentives?

A: The $500 sign-on bonus is a one-time payment made to eligible new CYP employees. The additional incentives are awarded based on milestone achievements after successfully completing 90 days, 6 months, and 12 months of employment.

 Q: What is a time-off award?

A: A time-off award is paid time off that is awarded based on milestone achievements after successfully completing 90 days (8 hours), 6 months (8 hours), and 12 months (8 hours) of employment. It is use or lose (must use the time within 1 year of receiving it).

 Q: Does Navy CYP offer child care discounts for employees?

A: Navy CYP employees receive a 50% discount for one child enrolled in a Navy-operated program. Additionally, a 20% multi-child discount applies to other children enrolled in a Child Development Center, School Age Care (before/after school; summer camp), 24/7 Center, or Child Development Home Program.

 Q: How do I qualify for a 50% child care discount?

A: The Navy CYP child care discount is a benefit for all employees (i.e., full-time, part-time, flex) who work at least 15 hours per week. A 20% multi-child discount also applies.

 Q: I am interested in working for Navy CYP, but I have young children. Am I able to enroll them with Navy CYP for child care?

A: Yes. Child and Youth Programs staff can enroll their children ages 12 and under in military child care programs.

 Q: If I am hired to work for Navy CYP, how can I request child care?

A: All families who wish to request child care in a military program must visit You can search for available programs at your location and request care for your eligible children. Offers for care are made via email from Families must accept an offer within two business days, so it is important to monitor your email regularly. After accepting your offer for care, the program will verify that you are a Child and Youth Programs employee during the registration process.

 Q: What if there is a waitlist? Will my child still be offered care?

A: Military programs must serve the highest priority families first to ensure the most mission-critical families receive access to military child care. To ensure programs meet this requirement, the Department of Defense (DoD) prioritizes your family based on your family type. Child Development Program staff are considered Priority 1A, which is the highest priority. All families where the sponsor is a Child Development Program staff member will have the same priority regardless of spouse status.

 Q: How much does child care cost in a military program?

A: The Navy is committed to providing accessible, affordable and high-quality child care. The Navy offers child care services on a sliding fee scale to make high-quality child care affordable for all parents regardless of income. In order to determine the cost of child care for each child, Navy CYP will calculate your total family income (TFI). Each family’s TFI category determines the rate that parents pay for child care for each child based on the type of care needed. There is a 20% discount for additional children of the same family enrolled in care. More information about TFI can be found on “The Family’s Guide to Total Family Income,” available at

 Q: I have a school age child, and their school is not served by a military School Age Care Program. Am I still able to receive child care for my school age child (before and/or after school, during school breaks)?

A: If your child attends a school that is not served by a military School Age Care Program, you may be eligible for the Military Child Care in Your Neighborhood (MCCYN) Fee Assistance Program, which offsets the costs of community-based child care. If MCCYN Fee Assistance is available for your child, it will display as a care option you can request on