School Liaison Officer

When it’s time to relocate, we’re here to help the transition go as smoothly as possible for your children. With Navy families moving every three years on average, a student can attend up to nine different schools by graduation. Our School Liaison Officers (SLO) help families with children in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. They assist with everything from a school transfer and homeschool support, to meeting graduation requirements. Getting in contact with your local SLO as soon as possible will take out lots of guesswork for you as the parent.

Youth Sponsorship Program

For our elementary, preteen, and teen community, the Youth Sponsorship Program adds in an element of social support. We strive to make contact with youth before they move, so when they arrive, we can immediately connect them with peers who are already participating in the installation, school, or community programs. Connect through your School Liaison Officer for School-Based Programs and your Youth Program for installation programs.  



Families - Contact your School Liaison Officer for help with:

  • Inbound/outbound school transfer
  • Local schools and boundaries
  • Finding the right school
  • Understanding special education
  • Meeting graduation requirements
  • Finding military and local support services
  • Homeschool support
  • Preparing for college and scholarship information

Educators - Contact your School Liaison Officer for help with:

  • Military information and resources
  • Staff development on military culture
  • Partnerships in education
  • Deployment support
  • Information and support on the Interstate Compact